As The Psychic Coach and a professional psychic, I use all of my gifts — intuition, shamanistic energy healing, and extensive leadership experience to help you live a life of passion, purpose and joy. An essential component of all my work is the psychic element or intuitive guidance.

What is unique about my approach, is that I not only use my intuitive abilities to guide our work, but I also teach and coach you how to tap into your own intuition and higher wisdom to guide your decision. This approach truly empowers you to reach for your dreams and live your best life well beyond coaching sessions, a workshop, or private readings.

The psychic aspect is threaded and intermingled through every aspect of the work I do.

My services focus on these key areas:

Consider testing the waters for Spiritual Life Coaching, with a FREE 22-30 minute phone consultation.  Call me directly at: 602.999.2493.

My greatest joy comes from helping people live a life beyond their wildest dreams. I’d love to work with you!


Blessings of love and light,




“Working with BakeR has been pivotal in my growth and expansion in all areas of my life. She is such a gifted teacher and healer and every time I have a session with her I have profound shifts – She is most definitely part of my success team! As I navigate life she helps to identify my blocks and patterns, not only in life but in my business too.  I am so grateful for her wisdom, her caring heart and her enthusiasm and passion for her work.  If you are serious about leaving behind what isn’t serving you and are looking for the road to freedom, BakeR needs to be part of your “success” team!”

Britta, NYC