Here’s what my happy clients have to say…

Intuitive Sessions

” I just came back to Japan yesterday, and I really express my appreciation to you.  I realize that I will be able to be happier through our session.  I believe that it was not just a coincidence that I met you, but it was a necessity.”  – Tomo, Japan

“Thank you so much for the many ways you helped me during the reading.  I was faced with a difficult decision as soon as I got home, and I was able to make a choice that feels right for me…I know that some of what you shared in the reading helped me to do this.  I also felt a healing concerning the relationship with my Dad…I was so unsure about having you call him in because I had never experienced this with anybody who has passed…now I feel like he hears me when I talk to him. ” – Bonnie, Philadelphia, PA

“Thank you so much for the session the other day. I so enjoyed myself and found it to be very helpful as well.  Please thank Mamacita for me as well, I was thrilled to be able to connect with both of you. You are both very talented and special beings.  My friends appreciated you as well…it was a special experience for all of them!” – Valerie, Orlando, Florida

“BakeR’s channeling is the “real deal”.  She was so helpful to me in answering all my questions and putting perspective on places in my life that appear stuck. I am grateful to BakeR for opening herself up to this beautiful gift!” – Kathleen S. Hosner, Ph.D., Phoenix, AZ

“My session yesterday is slowly settling over me like honey and I am experiencing a calm that has been missing for over a year.  Thanks for insights both past and current that will greatly support my healing process. “ – Susan, Sedona, AZ

“My observation of Mamacita as channeled by BakeR was the most authentic experience of channeling I have ever experienced. Mamacita spoke to my heart as she identified many things about me that I already knew, yet needed to be reminded. During the time since my experience with her many of my ideas and goals have become clearer and some are now solidified. Thank you to Mamacita and BakeR  for an enlightening experience.” – Nancy Harkins, Phoenix, AZ

“Mamacita spoke with compassion, insight, and intuition.  My session with her gave me clarity and allowed me to create a direction for my journey to relationship and wholeness.” – S.M. Prescott AZ

“Thank you for being you.  You are a powerful woman and a light in the lives of everyone you come in contact with.” – L. P., Scottsdale, AZ

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“Baker has been doing channeling with an animated and amazingly nurturing female guide that accompanied her back from Peru.  “Mamacita” comes to talk with her and give counsel and lately Baker has been working with one or two people who ask questions and receive direction.  Mamacita is a kick ass lady who tells it like it is sometimes, depending on who she’s talking to.  So last night’s empty stage allowed Mamacita to step on!  She was in front of a GROUP of 11 answering questions, working, and  helping to find the right words to make people see they are not alone.

“Maybe this evening allowed one young woman to put aside her worries about her young child for awhile.  This child from what Mamacita said is here to be a pillar of strength to others. And this message brought the mom to tears.  Maybe last evening was set up to clarify another’s woman’s fears of movement forward to her new career! To make clear who her best friend is.  And that brought her to tears!  Or it could be that last night was needed to introduce us all to our own guides and Angels.  That was a special part of the evening for me.  I saw many of us nodding our heads about the confirmation they felt when “Mamacita” described their guides to them.  Each knew deep inside that what she was describing was VERY familiar but the confirmation brought it home to the heart.” –Ginger Savenelli, Scottsdale, AZ

“Mamacita has a way about her that just feels right. There are no cryptic meanings to what she says. It is all very straight forward and easily understandable. No wondering what she meant days after your session. She comes from a place of love and compassion, but is not afraid to kick you in the ass if necessary.” -L.T. Scottsdale AZ

Spiritual Life Coaching

“I am convinced that my initial meeting with BakeR while on vacation in Sedona was divinely inspired.  As I have worked with her over the past several years she has guided me on a journey that has taken me from believing in her God given gifts to believing in my own.  For the first time in my life I am learning to truly love myself, believe in my abilities, and live a life full of joy.  No more can’ts, no more shouldn’ts and no more excuses!” – Cindy Theberge, Merrimack, NH

“I have enjoyed coaching with BakeR for nearly seven months now.  My family and friends have witnessed me grow and transform the abuse and the painful experiences that I suffered into empowering stories of healing and strength.  I am conquering the darkness and depression that always seemed to surround me and am creating the life that I love to life,with BakeR at my side.  It is an honor to call BakeR my coach and my mentor, as healing with her soothes not only the mind and body, but also the spirit.” – Mary Langlois, Sedona, AZ

Working with BakeR has opened up my world in too many ways to count. Meeting her has helped me work on myself and be a better man, partner, family member and professional.
Her guidance is often times blunt and that is what I love. There is no side stepping the situation with this wonderful woman – it is laid out in front of you to confront, acknowledge and deal with!                       –Cator Sparks, New York City

“Thank you soooo much for speaking with me today. Your energy is very welcoming and I felt you listened ‘between the lines’. In that short period of time, I did get a sense of your gift to listen intuitively. One thing that definitely resulted from our call is my desire to share my truth without fear or hesitation. Also, my fees for my service have just increased!  This is a breakthrough for sure!” – Laurie St. Pierre – Certified Reflexologist and Professional Life Coach,  Lucan , ON , Canada

“I want to say a word or two about my experience utilizing the services of BakeR Gendron as a mentor and life coach.  What brought me to this experience was a change in business as well as personal relationships.  This was a time of great profound change and with BakeR’s coaching I met the situation with ease and grace.   What BakeR helped me to see was my own potential and how to walk beyond the obvious into the greater possibility.  To question myself in so far as my real desires and goals.  Together we made a plan of action and I followed through.  Knowing someone is on your side can make all the difference!” – Sandra Dixon,  Founder of Livetalks, A communication experience. Los Angeles, CA

“I warned BakeR when we started coaching, that if she could help me reach my life purpose/career goals that I’ve been working on for many years but couldn’t reach, that she could coach anyone! I told her I would most certainly be her toughest case, and I had my doubts that anyone could make a serious dent in my challenges. BakeR took me and my goals on with enthusiasm, and after just a few months she has helped breathe new life into my stuck issues. I had a big breakthrough the other day that was a direct result of her dogged determination and commitment to my success.
BakeR is magical, and I feel beyond blessed to have her delightful spirit inspiring my life and my process.” – Alexandra Fraser, Sedona, AZ

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“BakeR has a compelling quality to redirect thought and ask pertinent questions encouraging us to find the ‘real’ answers within.” – Dr. M. E., Tempe, AZ

“Thank you so much for helping me to jump start the flow of abundance in my life.” -Sarah Vedeler, Scottsdale, AZ

Women’s Retreats

“I felt so nurtured and received what I needed for my journey.  There should be before and after photographs of our group. We are shining lights and look much younger.” – Sherry P.,  semi-retired mental health worker, Edmonton, Alberta

The value of experiencing “Way of the Warrior Woman” far exceeded my expectations.  BakeR provided the guidance and leadership to assist me in walking my own path and when it became difficult she provided  ‘just enough’ support so I could feel my ability to stand strong on my own.   The added benefit of sharing space with a varied group of women, who at first were strangers, lended an opportunity to develop added insight that was helpful and nurturing.  BakeR created an opportunity for me to do work that will serve my  highest good.  The activities were varied; I laughed and cried; I listened and was heard; I walked away taller and with the tools and understanding to ‘stay on track, to BE LIGHT reflecting love and countless blessings magnified’.”  – Marisol Rivera, Biscayne Gardens, FL

“BakeR, my gratitude for you is boundless. I have once again been taken to a new place of love and understanding of myself.  The joy and comfort of the women was and is so filling and delightful to my soul.  Thank you for sharing your spirit.” – Valerie Ostenak, Camp Verde, AZ

“BakeR and Mamacita have insight like no other! The retreat was excellent and very healing.  I feel my abilities were strengthened with the help of wonderful women in the group.  I would recommend this to anyone who is on a spiritual life path!” – Tina Bishop Kirkendall, Anthem, AZ

“I came to this retreat fighting an undertow that almost kept me from coming.  I didn’t want to bring anybody down.  I left the retreat amazed at the transformation that occurred not only within myself, but with every single one of the 12 other women who participated in the Dancing in the Light retreat. I left full of Light and Gratitude; knowing that I came into this life with Great Gifts to share with the world.  In Love and Light.” – Cindy Williams Adams, Stockton, CA

“This has been a most amazing experience.  I feel like my life has been so enhanced! Thank you!” – Marlene, Renton, WA

“I loved the whole retreat!  I really appreciated all the time for self discovery!”  – GW Sedona, AZ

“I really enjoyed the smallness of the group, which allowed us to connect so deeply.  I loved hearing of others trials and tribulations and learning how to resolve our issues and adapt to change.” – Trish, Phoenix, AZ

Transformative Workshops

“BakeR is great at generating thought provoking discussion and reinforcing concepts.  Her pragmatic approach made learning fun and non-threatening, creating a safe environment that made it possible to share openly.” -BJ-P, Ph.D., Tempe, AZ

“BakeR has discovered the power and freedom of living by healing a victim consciousness.  She  recognizes the authentic empowerment that comes from appreciating and living her True Self, and instills this quality in her students. Her enthusiasm for living “in full color” is inspiring and heart-felt.  She is a wonderful example for us all.” – Reverend Joyce Murphy, Sedona, AZ

“BakeR, I loved the discussions – questions and answers.  You were awesome!” – K.K. RScP, Phoenix, AZ

The following are anonymous quotes from workshop evaluations

“BakeR was wonderful.  I really like her casual, open style of teaching.”

“I really enjoyed the group sharing/interactions.”

“The class wakes you up to spiritual principles which you already know, but forgot about in the day to day bustle.”

“I enjoyed BakeR’s class and teaching style very much.  Every class was interesting and informative.  I grew and learned a tremendous amount.”

“This is the BEST class I have ever taken!”

“The material is very good.  Baker pays attention to subtle statements by students  and gently guides us in new directions.”

“I felt so supported to share and be myself.  Love the meditation time.”

“I RAVE about your class! Thank you for your generosity.”

“Baker always encouraged us.  She helped us examine our perspectives, especially when we fell into limited thinking.  It was easy to know that she deeply cares about each person in class.”

Speaking engagements

“I was privileged to hear you speak on Sunday, June 23rd, at the Church of Religious Science.  I was quite moved by your presentation and your message.  I was in great need of such a message.  I am sending you a tithing because I did in fact receive my spiritual food from you.” – Anonymous, Phoenix, AZ

“Thank you for being a source of spiritual inspiration for me!” -L.M., Boca Raton, FL

 “Fabulous talk!  You are great!”  -Rev. Edwene Gaines, seminar leader and owner director of Prosperity Products, Rock Ridge Retreat Center, The Master’s School, and author of the book, “The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity.

 “Thank you for your spiritual wisdom & enlightenment.   Please accept my small tithing.  May it help you toward your spiritual goals & calling.” – Anonymous, Tempe, AZ

“Thank you for an enlightening message and fantastic, Technicolor handout.  You should have seen people scurrying after church to pickup additional handouts for friends.  One fellow took a handful.  You’re terrific.” -Gordon Wren, President, Phun From Phoenix! Inc.