Imagine you are in a pitch-black room,

in an unfamiliar building.

The electricity is out.

You are terrified of the dark.

You have no matches – because who smokes anymore?

Your cell phone died hours ago.

You shouted but no one came.

Anxiety is taking hold, panic is pressing in.

Every scary thought of being trapped in a dark building runs through your head in technicolor!

You hear one thing louder and louder – your heartbeat.

And then you remember that pen your friend gave you, the one from their hairstylist, with the advertisement on it.  The one that has a tiny light at the other end!

“PLEASE GOD LET ME STILL HAVE IT!  PLEASE GOD LET IT WORK!  YES, here it is!!!  OMG, it works!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

It’s a tiny, tiny light on the opposite end of a pen, but at this moment, it feels HUGE, doesn’t it? This tiny light can quash fears of immense proportion, light a room and change your perspective. Quite amazing!

Now imagine what your light can do in the darkness that surrounds us these days!  It is so easy to get sucked into the morass that surrounds us on a daily and hourly basis.  I won’t repeat the bad news because you already know it.  If you don’t good for you!

So HOW do we shine our Light on the Darkness?

1.     Center in your heart space – come back to your source – to your own bubble of light. Connect with Great Spirit, God, The Universe, Tao, Yahweh, whatever you call Oneness, however you best do that.  Sometimes it’s as easy as communing with nature; or taking 3-5 deep conscious breaths while being aware and grateful for life. Maybe for you, it’s saying a prayer, a ten-minute meditation, or thirty minutes of yoga.  Do it!  This is for your Health and Sanity!

2.     Turn away from the Darkness. Don’t read it, watch it or listen to it.  Turn off the news channels.  Or at the very least limit yourself to 10-20 minutes per day. I find it interesting that folks will only eat organic food yet feed their brains with hours of bad news.

3.     Send light to the dark.  If you know someone who is suffering from pain, grief, or illness send them healing energy, reiki, prayer, or positive thoughts. If you see an accident on the side of the road, send positive energy to the people involved. See light surrounding them.   Remember, what you send out returns ten times!

4.     If you must watch, listen or read bad news then send soothing energy to those areas. Fires devasting the forests? Send calm & rain.  Floods destroying property and killing people?  Send soothing energy to the rivers.  Yes, you do have the power to calm a storm!

5.     Avoid negative people – especially those who dwell on the bad news, it’s like playing in a toxic dump.

6.     Practice reframing negativity – have a touchstone for those times when you find yourself depressed or flailing in negativity (it happens). Think of a funny animal, or a funny incident, or a place of beauty that you love – something to change the negative energy. Once you switch off the negative energy then imagine the new positive result that you want to experience. An easy example is getting a new job:  Imagine yourself working in the perfect environment with people who are creative, supportive, happy, and contributing to the world in a positive way. Imagine exactly what you want to achieve in your new job.  Using all your senses, see yourself there!

Try it right now and allow yourself to experience the change you feel when you play in the positive energy of creation.  You can use this exercise for any situation in your life.

7.     Join with other folks who are positive influencers – meet together in person or over Zoom and share the Light with each other.  No bitching, whining, or complaining!  Only positivity allowed! Come together to share a Meditation, Joy, Good news, Blessings, a positive reading – get it?  Only good POSITIVE news is allowed.  One person can lead every week, or you can rotate the responsibility.  Meet weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

8.    Practice Gratitude daily – be aware of all the good in your life. Speak it, write it, and include it in your prayers or meditations.

“Happy Hummer” by Sally Gradjian

9.  Shine your light. You may think that your light is just a tiny pin light but remember that tiny light on the end of a pen can light a room.  In fact…


Never underestimate the power of your light to chase away the dark.   For there are many of us out here standing together.  We just have to practice, practice, practice!

Shine on!    BakeR – The Psychic Coach

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YES,  absolutely, pray and take action! In Religious Science we say, “Treat and Move Your Feet.”  “Treat” refers to a Spiritual Mind Treatment (SMT) which is our form of affirmative prayer.  I would write or speak my SMT and then move my feet.

If I am feeling depressed, I will say a treatment and then I might go for a walk in the red rocks, sit in the garden amongst the jewel-like faces of the pansies, call a friend who makes me laugh, watch a funny movie or read something inspirational.  I use the techniques that work for me to pull me out of the depression.  Recently during the COVID lockdown, I found myself depressed about 2-3 weeks in.  When I realized and acknowledged that I was sleeping 10-11 hours per night, I knew I had to rectify the situation immediately.  I committed to getting up, dressing up, and showing up for myself.  No one else could do this for me, it was all on me and I knew what it would take.  My mood improved, my spirit elevated and I was on the road to happiness and contentment again.

When we take responsibility for our actions – when we move our feet – we are telling the Universe – God – Spirit whatever you choose to call Her that we are committed to receiving.  In the case of depression – we are committed to receiving joy or even contentment.  If we are choosing more abundance, we also need to be open to receiving abundance in any form.  If your friend invites you to lunch and offers to pay, ACCEPT the gift!  Very often you say NO – NO – NO, I can pay for my own lunch.  Now you have confused the Universe, you just did an SMT for more abundance, your friend shows up and offers to buy you lunch (a form of abundance) and you refuse her offer.  The Universe is like, “Wait, didn’t you want more abundance? I sent your friend to buy you lunch. Isn’t that abundance?”

If you desire more Peace and Love in your world, you can:

·      Write or speak your Spiritual Mind Treatment/Prayer

·      Show up and BE Peace and Love

·      Brainstorm ways to manifest more Peace and Love, for yourself and others

·      Listen to other’s perspectives – what are they feeling, what do they want?

·      Open your mind and heart to new possibilities

·      Commit to Peace and Love no matter how you’re challenged (I work on this constantly, especially when driving)

·      Vibrate your Peace and Love to others and to the world!

·      Be grateful for all the Peace and Love you already experience.

These actions may not change the world, but they can change your world, here and now.  If you happen upon someone who is in a rage or sad and depressed, how can you affect that person’s life in a positive way?  How can you help them see a different way?  Maybe if all you can do at that moment is send them light and love, do that.

When we put our intentions in writing or meditate on them – the Universe automatically creates a support system for them.  We effectively stir the energy pot!

Act as if – Act as if you already have it, are it or do it.

The more positive energy we create around our intentions, the more likely they will happen. Also, we must deeply believe IT is ours.  If you have any core issues like, “I’m not good enough,” “I’m too old, too sad, too ugly, too dumb”, etc., just clean that crap out right now! Clean those negative thoughts out of your brain and fill it with positive thoughts.

God – the Universe – Spirit, whatever you call Her wants us to take responsibility too.  We don’t pray that our children will be safe and then let them play in the street.  We don’t pray that our lung cancer will go away and continue to smoke three packs a day. (OK, some folks will, go figure!)

 An aspect of our lives where this shows up is being happy.  If you want to Be Happy – Be Happy!  (If you suffer from chronic depression, you are exempt, you may need outside help.) But, if you’re just average Jane or Joe and you want to be happy – Go Be Happy.

Average Jane or Joe (AJJ):  Dear God, I want to be Happy!

God: Okay, be Happy.

AJJ: No, you don’t understand, I don’t have a partner, how can I be happy?

God: What are you doing to have a partner?

AJJ: Well, I prayed. (Once with fervor)

God: What else did you do?

AJJ: What do you mean, what else should I do?

God: Well last week you were invited to a party, but you didn’t go. There were a couple of great people there who would have been delighted to meet you. The other day, you saw a cute guy at Whole Foods, he smiled, but you didn’t smile back.  In fact, later when you saw him eating in the deli, you didn’t even say Hi, or smile, or anything.  Do you really want to have a partner?  Show up for your own parade! I put that guy there, he tried, but you didn’t show up.  And furthermore, be happy for all you do have, the good friends, a home, car, music, books.  Be joyful, that you live in such abundance. What do you really want?  Are you willing to be scared? Are you willing to do the work? Are you willing to be vulnerable?  What’s it worth to you? On a scale of 1-10, what’s your commitment level? By the way, I’ll love you no matter what!                                            

Treat/Pray and Move Your Feet! Show up for your own Parade!  Be Happy!  Love Yourself, you deserve it!

 Today, especially I ask that you Pray for light in the world, Pray for love, Pray for acceptance, Pray for open minds and hearts, Pray for vibrant health.  Pray for Peace!

Today, especially I ask that you Take action:

·       Support a good cause with dollars or time

·       Have an honest conversation with yourself and others about your biases and beliefs

·       Stand up for what is right/truthful and just.

·       Honor love and compassion when you see it or experience it.


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We have a beautiful meditation garden here at Gateway Cottage Wellness Center, please come visit soon!

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The worst symptom of the nasty bronchitis I just lived through was a headache that plagued me for six days.  I tried everything to relieve the pain, copious amounts of Advil and allergy tablets, hot compresses, cold compresses you name it.  I even tried my husband’s mantra when he’s in pain: “I am not my body. I am free.  I am as God created me.”

The mantra worked temporarily but soon the headache would come back with a vengeance.  A couple of nights the pain on the left side of my face was so intense I seriously considered lopping off that side of my face.  Normally sleep would bring relief from even my worst headaches, not this time!

On the sixth day the universe sent me this amazing article “Burning Man” by Jay Kirk in GQ Magazine.  The article describes the horrific burns and subsequent pain suffered by First Lieutenant Sam Brown after his Humvee blew up in Afghanistan.  Lt Brown’s body overproduced scar tissue, scar tissue that had to be stretched and ripped to restore his range of motion.  To say he was in a living, burning hell would be a gross understatement.

Lt. Brown was invited to participate in a test of a Virtual Realty game that was proving to be effective in significantly reducing pain.  While the physical therapists worked on the scar tissue, Lt. Brown escaped into the Virtual Reality game.  Afterward he stated that his observed pain had only been a level 6, pain that was normally on a 9-10 level.  Also, the therapists told him they had gotten more range of motion than previously.

After reading the article I decided to create my own “VR game”.  I imagined myself transported to my favorite island in the world, Santorini.  I felt the warm sun on my body, the tiny, smooth black pebbles under my blanket.  The scent of delicious grilled fish mingled with the salty ocean air and the seagulls screeched overhead searching for a tidbit left behind.  The intense turquoise water shimmered and sparkled and I delighted in the laughter of children gleefully splashing each other at the water’s edge.  I totally immersed myself in my “VR game”, experiencing it with every sense, enjoying all the details…AND THE PAIN WAS GONE! Not diminished, completely GONE!

As long as I gave attention to the pain – rubbing my head, swallowing Advil, thinking about how to get rid of it, the pain continued to grow.  Hunter Thompson the creator of the Virtual Reality game observed that time spent thinking about pain is an inextricable contributor to actual pain.  How giving pain attention meant giving pain meaning, and how meaning amplified the experience of pain.  Yep, I can attest to that, as soon as I put my energy, attention and thoughts elsewhere the pain was gone.

In “Conversations With God”, Neale Donald Walsh tells us the laws are very simple:   Thought is creative. Fear (or pain) attracts like energy.  Can you see how I was creating more pain, with my creative thoughts?  Do you understand that thinking about pain attracts more pain?  And how relief could come from immersing my self in the beauty of Santorini?

I’m sure that you’ve experienced this at some point in your life.  A very simple example often happens to me while out hiking.  I am completely engrossed in the beauty of the red rocks, clear blue sky above, fresh air, warm sun…there is almost nowhere I am happier!  Yet often I come home to find a nasty scratch on a leg or arm with no idea where it came from, even when I try to remember.   I call that my meditative hiking state of mind.   It’s extremely effective!

 Healing Pain

Use the thought of peace and the realization of a Perfect Presence; know that in this  Presence there is no tension, there is no struggle, there is no fear, there is no sense of conflict.  Know this until there cmoes to your own consciousness a deep, calm sense of peace and ease, and until every thought of pain is eliminated.           -Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

The next time you are facing pain:

  • Create a new scene in your mind using all of your senses
  • Imagine all the details of your beautiful new world
  • Remember to passionately create the scene, fully immerse yourself
  • Repeat if necessary, continue to turn away from the pain, do not give it attention

Why not give it a shot?  The pain hurts!  Imagining yourself on a beautiful, exotic tropical island, or skiing on perfect powdery snow can at the least take you away momentarily.  You might be delighted to recognize the absence of pain as a big grin spreads across your face.

All thoughts are creative, use them wisely!

Namaste, BakeR

I am available by phone and Skype for private intuitive readings and Spiritual Life Coaching.   C: 602.999.2493

Please join me at my next group reading, 10:00 am, March 31st at Peace Place Gifts, 355 Jordan Road in uptown Sedona.  $11.00

Bring your questions for Mamacita.   We will end around Noon with a short meditation.

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