Healing Pain

                                                                   “Have enough courage to trust love one more time.

                                                     And always one more time.”

                                                                                                         – Maya Angelou

After the loss of a love, it is so easy to shut down, draw in, retreat. So easy to forget the touch, the support, the love. So easy to forget that Love is always available from Source.

Yet as Maya Angelou so profoundly reminds us, we need only trust love one more time. For today, we can trust Love – the Love of Spirit, the Universe, the One. That Love which is larger than us, all encompassing, always there, the light that never goes out.  It breathes us – we are IT.

Inside us is a pure, innocent core of untouched perfection.  It is this sweetness that sustains us, this light that illuminates.  We have only to go to this reservoir and draw sustenance.  It is always there, constantly replenished.

It is this Love that provides hope, joy and faith.  Sweetly it reminds us of the gift in the present. We see with clear vision, embracing the light, acknowledging the purity and moving forward with grace.

The heart opens, excitement returns, trust enfolds us and we know that the dance will never end, the conversation will go on and on.

And when we are ready, Love will faithfully restore our hearts and fill them to overflowing.

Love will prevail.

Affirm this:

I allow my heart to open, expanding with the possibility present in this new day. I live in wonder, trusting Spirit and my essence to create Love in, as and through me. I honor the dance. Love lights the way.


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Agave Flower by Ted Grussing www.tedgrussing.com

Are you suffering from New Age Guilt?

You know,  New Age guilt,  that syndrome that comes on when you get sick and you ask yourself what caused it? What is the emotional reason behind this illness? What could I have done to prevent it?   Why did this happen to me?

 What if there IS NOT an emotional reason? What if you just caught something? What if that nasty bug going around got its crappy little tentacles in you? What if you just had a weak spot in your intestine, brain or artery since you were born, and there isn’t an emotional reason. You just happened to be born with it. Is it really helpful to beat yourself up some more?

I have good news, recently a woman was in for a reading and my guides told her, “SOMETIMES YOU JUST GET SICK!” WHAT? Sometimes it really is this physical vehicle we came in that gives out. The good news is you can let go of the new age guilt, you can decide to love yourself anyway. And you can stop guilting other people too! There’s an idea we can all benefit from, love ourselves just as we are and love everyone else just as they are.

No, I did not say you can stop taking your vitamins, jump off the treadmill, eat crappy food, or forget to clean up your thoughts! This is not a go to Burger King, get out of jail free card! I am however, gifting you a leave the guilt behind card. Let’s say you do get sick, you’re laying in bed feeling like hell and trying to figure out why. Sometimes it is productive to read Louise Hay or Ernest Holmes and find out what the underlying cause is so you can say the appropriate affirmation. There are times when we do need to clean up our thoughts, forgive someone or love ourselves.  If that’s the case please do the work.  However, you could decide to make your affirmations something along these lines: I love myself. I am whole, healthy and complete. I honor and appreciate my body for serving me all these years. I am so blessed to be alive in this day and age.

Love yourself through it! And remember:

The highest thought is always that thought which contains Joy.

The clearest words are those words which contain Truth.

The grandest feeling is that feeling which you call Love.

                           -Neale Donald Walsh, Conversations with God

 Give yourself these gifts Joy, Truth and Love, you deserve it! And stop beating up my friend (that’s you)!

Love and joy, BakeR

For those of you who didn’t see my big announcement here it is again:  

Once again Mamacita leads me down a new path!
I have been given an incredible opportunity to manage a new wellness center right here in Uptown Sedona along with the founders. They are beautiful, loving lights who are creating a gorgeous space, which will be dedicated to promoting emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellness. We will open Labor Day weekend and I am thrilled to be starting this new adventure!

In the meantime,YES, I am still available for private sessions-readings, coaching and reiki here in Sedona, by phone, Skype or FaceTime.
Please contact me for your appointment:
Email: BakeR@ThePsychicCoach.net
Phone: 602.999.2493
I will continue to do my sessions at the new center when we open and will send details as we progress.

Gateway Cottage Wellness Center - under construction

Gateway Cottage Wellness Center – under construction

 Coming Soon, I can’t wait for you to visit!

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The worst symptom of the nasty bronchitis I just lived through was a headache that plagued me for six days.  I tried everything to relieve the pain, copious amounts of Advil and allergy tablets, hot compresses, cold compresses you name it.  I even tried my husband’s mantra when he’s in pain: “I am not my body. I am free.  I am as God created me.”

The mantra worked temporarily but soon the headache would come back with a vengeance.  A couple of nights the pain on the left side of my face was so intense I seriously considered lopping off that side of my face.  Normally sleep would bring relief from even my worst headaches, not this time!

On the sixth day the universe sent me this amazing article “Burning Man” by Jay Kirk in GQ Magazine.  The article describes the horrific burns and subsequent pain suffered by First Lieutenant Sam Brown after his Humvee blew up in Afghanistan.  Lt Brown’s body overproduced scar tissue, scar tissue that had to be stretched and ripped to restore his range of motion.  To say he was in a living, burning hell would be a gross understatement.

Lt. Brown was invited to participate in a test of a Virtual Realty game that was proving to be effective in significantly reducing pain.  While the physical therapists worked on the scar tissue, Lt. Brown escaped into the Virtual Reality game.  Afterward he stated that his observed pain had only been a level 6, pain that was normally on a 9-10 level.  Also, the therapists told him they had gotten more range of motion than previously.

After reading the article I decided to create my own “VR game”.  I imagined myself transported to my favorite island in the world, Santorini.  I felt the warm sun on my body, the tiny, smooth black pebbles under my blanket.  The scent of delicious grilled fish mingled with the salty ocean air and the seagulls screeched overhead searching for a tidbit left behind.  The intense turquoise water shimmered and sparkled and I delighted in the laughter of children gleefully splashing each other at the water’s edge.  I totally immersed myself in my “VR game”, experiencing it with every sense, enjoying all the details…AND THE PAIN WAS GONE! Not diminished, completely GONE!

As long as I gave attention to the pain – rubbing my head, swallowing Advil, thinking about how to get rid of it, the pain continued to grow.  Hunter Thompson the creator of the Virtual Reality game observed that time spent thinking about pain is an inextricable contributor to actual pain.  How giving pain attention meant giving pain meaning, and how meaning amplified the experience of pain.  Yep, I can attest to that, as soon as I put my energy, attention and thoughts elsewhere the pain was gone.

In “Conversations With God”, Neale Donald Walsh tells us the laws are very simple:   Thought is creative. Fear (or pain) attracts like energy.  Can you see how I was creating more pain, with my creative thoughts?  Do you understand that thinking about pain attracts more pain?  And how relief could come from immersing my self in the beauty of Santorini?

I’m sure that you’ve experienced this at some point in your life.  A very simple example often happens to me while out hiking.  I am completely engrossed in the beauty of the red rocks, clear blue sky above, fresh air, warm sun…there is almost nowhere I am happier!  Yet often I come home to find a nasty scratch on a leg or arm with no idea where it came from, even when I try to remember.   I call that my meditative hiking state of mind.   It’s extremely effective!

 Healing Pain

Use the thought of peace and the realization of a Perfect Presence; know that in this  Presence there is no tension, there is no struggle, there is no fear, there is no sense of conflict.  Know this until there cmoes to your own consciousness a deep, calm sense of peace and ease, and until every thought of pain is eliminated.           -Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

The next time you are facing pain:

  • Create a new scene in your mind using all of your senses
  • Imagine all the details of your beautiful new world
  • Remember to passionately create the scene, fully immerse yourself
  • Repeat if necessary, continue to turn away from the pain, do not give it attention

Why not give it a shot?  The pain hurts!  Imagining yourself on a beautiful, exotic tropical island, or skiing on perfect powdery snow can at the least take you away momentarily.  You might be delighted to recognize the absence of pain as a big grin spreads across your face.

All thoughts are creative, use them wisely!

Namaste, BakeR

I am available by phone and Skype for private intuitive readings and Spiritual Life Coaching.   C: 602.999.2493

Please join me at my next group reading, 10:00 am, March 31st at Peace Place Gifts, 355 Jordan Road in uptown Sedona.  $11.00

Bring your questions for Mamacita.   We will end around Noon with a short meditation.

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Rock Sculptures in Ottawa, all perfectly balanced, no cement, no glue, just rocks!

What can I say about change that hasn’t already been said?  Yep, it’s inevitable–just like the sun coming up today.

My Mama used to say, “This too shall pass”, which is great when times are tough and we’re up the proverbial creek without a paddle.  ( I used to always tell her to pray anyway!) Honestly though haven’t you always made it through?  Right! You did or you wouldn’t be here.  So why does change scare us so much?  What is it about change that makes some of us sweat like pigs (have you ever actually seen a pig sweat?), quake in our boots or have nightmares of epic proportions?

I had a small challenge with change while visiting our friends James and MaryAnne in Ottawa, Canada last week.  James as you may recall if you’ve perused my website is a demanding hike leader and my grappeling coach.  He took a day off to lead us on a hike as only James can do!  It was a gorgeous day–we were very spontaneous–stopping to see these beautiful rock sculptures along the river, visiting Andre’s first home and then finally arriving at the trailhead.

Up the EASY rope!

I had asked James to make it an easy hike because André had hurt his hip and I figured there was no reason to make it worse.

As we climbed two sets of  steep stairs,  sheer granite rock faces occasionally with just hand and foot holds and then pulled ourselves up a rope on another steep rock face, I became angrier and angrier.  Mother Bear came out and wanted to protect her husband from any more pain or discomfort…the night before he was moaning in his sleep from the pain!  When we finally reached the top of that gosh darn mountain,  I knew that I had to get the anger out  into the light,  so I could move on and not spoil my day.  I spoke my truth, hopefuly without blame or judgment–following Angeles Arrien’s wisdom.  James, bless him, listened lovingly and explained that this was an easy hike.  What the heck?  This was an easy hike? We just pulled ourselves up a  rope over a steep rock face and climbed sheer granite  where there were maybe 2″ ledges to grip with our boots and 1/2-1″ handholds….EASY?

Mary Anne wisely stated that maybe we should have confirmed before leaving what an easy hike was.  It turns out that the hike I would have probably rated a seven, James and the others would have rated a three.  WOW, we were just slightly out of sync on this communication.  Once I spoke my truth and James explained his take, my anger dissipated, all was forgiven and we continued down the mountain to a gorgeous, cool waterfall with little ponds to play in.  If I hadn’t released the anger I could have seethed and stressed the rest of the day.   James , rightly so, would have probably trotted my sorry butt back down the mountain and I would have missed the waterfall, splashing in the pond, and the beautiful boulder hopping hike following the creek down the other side.  Not exactly the hike I had in mind,  but an incredible adventure when I was willing to embrace the “change”, oh yeah and let go of the idea that I needed to protect André.

My lessons from this “change” were multi-level:

  • Ask for clarification when going on a hike with the Master.
  • Speak your truth without blame or judgment .   –Angeles Arrien
  • Anger brought into the light cannot subsist.
  • The change I fear may turn out great – it was an awesome hike and  afterward André actually felt better .

What “change” are you facing this week?  If it seems unclear ask for clarity.  If your fear rises up and becomes anger, frustration or turmoil bring it to the light.  Talk about your fear and express your anger, always coming from a place of love.   Brainstorm the positive possibilities that could come with this change.  Allow the brainstorming to be as farfetched and crazy as you can imagine, along with  rational, logical ideas.  Explore the possibilities, allow yourself to imagine an incredible new adventure, full of magic, full of joy, and just maybe with a waterfall at the end!

Have a life changing week!

Many blessings, BakeR     


And remember if you need support I offer a FREE 30 min. coaching session!

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And speaking of change here’s a great video by Carrie Underwood that I had never heard….yes, it’s true I don’t watch television!


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