Today I got a message to draw a couple of Angel cards. My favorite Angel Deck is Angel Blessings by Kimberley Marooney. The question I asked was “What do I need to know to support Gateway Cottage Wellness Center to come together?”

First I spread out the deck, then I feel the energy of the cards. I always get an energetic tug toward the card/s that I should draw. Today it was just two.

The first card I drew is: Ramaela, Archangel of Joy. YES, this project is full of joy for me, it’s like a dream come true. And, Ramaela reminds me to stay in the joy, for there have been days when I get frustrated at the time it’s taking. Knowing of course it’s all in divine right timing, but seriously? LOL

A brief bit from the book about Archangel Ramaela – “Joy is food for the soul, the aroma of eternal ecstasy wafting on Heavenly air. Ramaela (raw-May-el-a) flies on wings of joy and the buds of spring burst forth from her creative fires. Your Eternal Self lives in this True Realm, where the deepest love you can imagine is calling. This ceaseless call seeks to show you glimpses of your own immortal splendor and awaken the longing for your spiritual Home.”

Okay,  can it get any better than that?

The second card I drew is: Jamaerah, Archangel of Manifestation.  YES I accept!

And the book says, “Jamaerah (ja-May-raw) opens space for your vision to manifest. This process begins with undifferentiated matter or electronic light substance, containing loving energy from the Eternal. The force of desire causes this light substance to revolve, creating a circular structure or vortex. These whirls begin to condense when they are received, clarified and projected as visions by Paschar (the Archangel of Vision). Jamaerah speeds up the vortex and opens space for the magnetic attraction of matter to begin.” It completes with this, “You have the power through the blessed assistance of Jamaerah to manifest your heart’s desires. Choose to create from love that which will be a blessing to yourself and others.”  

How appropriate that we chose the Golden Spirals for our logo, and that the entire project is  being created from love.

I accept, I accept, I accept – thank you Angels! And so it is. Aho.



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