woman standing - The Psychic CoachAre you ready to create your best year ever?


Have you tried and tried to manifest love, abundance, peace, joy, inspiration or
fill in the blank________ , without success?


Are you willing to step into your power and co-create all this and more with Spirit?


 What are you waiting for…why put off any longer what you desire?


The Time is NOW! Let’s do this!

It is time to manifest all that you want. Time to leave behind limiting beliefs, to forgive and release anyone or anything that you have blamed for your lack and move forward. It’s time to learn the steps beyond the “Secret”, beyond wishful thinking. Take action to co-create your best life with the power and loving support of Spirit and your very own psychic coach, BakeR.

You’ve been there, created your goals and intentions for the year, worked on them diligently for a while and then sat by as they once again gathered dust. Maybe you dragged them out again in November or December and wondered what happened to your motivation. Where did all that effervescent energy go? Why, once again, did you fail?

Consider what it would be like to have a coach on your side, someone who will guide you through the hills and valleys, who will be there when you need loving support or a kick in the behind. Someone who not only empowers you to move past your limitations but to EXCEL!

In this nine week personal teleconference with BakeR – The Psychic Coach,  you will transcend your limitations, surpass the past, and shine brighter than ever!  BakeR’s program blends strong coaching skills with her psychic gifts to help you find the blocks and release them.  Even healing your past lives if necessary.  A unique approach that allows you to excel as never before!

In this transformational program you will:

 Three Women - the psychic coach

TRANSCEND – your limitations

  • Enjoy a weekly meditation empowering you to transcend the past and move forward.
  • Remove or release blocks to your success – whether from this life or a past life.
  • Transcend your limiting beliefs and receive what you really deserve.
  • Complete any necessary forgiveness work.
  • Master your emotions

SURPASS – the past

  • Write your intentions.
  • Determine if these intentions are for your highest and best good
  • Create action steps to excel – baby steps and big steps
  • Learn to make powerful choices
  • Leave victimhood behind
  • Practice affirmative prayer and co-create with Spirit.

 SHINE – brighter than ever!

  • Feel what it’s like to achieve your highest good
  • Step out of fear and put your faith in Spirit
  • Stop playing small…stretch, grow and surpass your goals
  • Live in gratitude for all you have now
  • Put the Law of Circulation in action

Man jumping


Jumping woman - The Psychic Coach






• One on One 22 min. laser coaching session with BakeR to find, release and heal your limiting blocks. A $66.00 value alone!
• Recognizing and sharing your weekly successes
• Weekly action plan to insure your success.


What you will accomplish in this course:

• Recognize how you have limited yourself in the past.
• Change your thoughts.
• Change your words.
• Change your life! Never play the victim role again.
• The power to create and manifest exactly what you want in life.
• The knowledge and wisdom to co-create with Spirit.
• Relief from limiting beliefs.
• Accept that Spirit is your source.
• Create and maintain an action plan that can be used for any future ventures.
• Recognize how you sabotage or limit yourself.
• Know how to choose differently..
• Learn to ask, “What would love do now?”
• Take responsibility for your success.
• Move forward even through seemingly impossible odds.
• Learn to see the possibilities in every day
• Create your success exactly as you see it!

Tentative Weekly Agenda

Week 1 – Removing Blocks, Releasing limiting beliefs
Week 2 – Creating your Vision/Intentions
Week 3 – Forgiveness Work
Week 4 – Mastering Energy Flow
Week 5 – Stepping out of Victimhood/STEPPING INTO POWER
Week 6 – Using the Law of Circulation – giving and receiving
Week 7 – Move your feet, Working the Action Steps
Week 8 – Turning it over to Spirit – Get out of the way and let Spirit – Trust
Week 9 – Gratitude, Where to Now, Completion, CELEBRATION!

Each week will include:

A Short Meditation
Sharing successes & gratitude
Weekly Lesson
Q & A session

WHEN:  Tuesdays 6:30pm – 8:00 pm MST, January 27th  – March 24th, 2015

WHERE: in the comfort of your own home.

COST: $198.00,  that’s just $22.00 per session!


FACILITATOR: BakeR Gendron – The Psychic Coach

BakeR-Gendron-The-Psychic-CoachBakeR Gendron is a fun and inspirational spiritual leader and coach.

She has empowered groups and individuals to realize their full potential by stepping through known and unknown barriers. By utilizing spiritual principles and her psychic gifts,  she enables you to mold all facets of your life bringing the mind, body, soul connection that you are seeking.

As a Religious Science Practitioner for over thirteen years she taught many spiritual classes including Self Mastery, Principles of Financial Freedom, Roots of Science of Mind, Spiritual Principles, Science of Mind Foundational and Mysticism. Her work is based on Religious Science Principles with a Shamanic twist. She is an intuitive, channeling Mamacita a wise Peruvian Spirit Guide, Clairaudient & Clairsentient, a Spiritual Life Coach and Reiki master.

BakeR’s vision is to empower others to find their Inner Truth, to claim that voice and live a full, rich, joyous life!


Join BakeR and her spirit guides for nine weeks of fun, inspiration, transformation and joy!