Are you ready to take that first step?

Are you ready to create the life you desire, rich, vibrant, and full of joy?

Psychic Coaching enables you to put Spirit in Action!

Spirit aligns with us when we are being clear and authentic, when we are expressing our true desires and striving to live in our magnificence.  Spirit expects nothing more than for us to come from Love and Live Joyously!

As your Psychic Coach, it is my job to help you determine and implement your life purpose, integrating mind, body, and spirit to maintain balance and create the life you desire. By asking you thought-provoking questions I will help you dig deep to uncover any blocks to your success.  As you tell me your “story” I will reflect back on your thoughts and feelings and offer different perspectives. Together we will define your action plan, and I will hold you accountable for your commitments.  I will challenge you to stretch and grow, to accomplish all that you choose.

With heartfelt revelation, powerful goals, and a clear action plan, you can create your ideal life.

Psychic coaching will empower you to:

  • Identify and step into your life purpose
  • Increase abundance consciousness
  • Give and receive love
  • Access your inner power to break through barriers
  • Learn to choose joy
  • Create or improve relationships
  • Make Conscious choices in your career or life path
  • Put Spirit in Action
  • Live Joyously!
I will be your champion….I will stand for your success…I will help you achieve your ideal life!

Love and light, BakeR


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“Life coaching with BakeR has been a refreshing, positive experience all-around. With love and compassion, BakeR has a very authentic way of holding me accountable to the things that matter most in my life. In just three sessions with BakeR’s support, I was able to overcome an issue that was holding me back for eight months.  I’m eternally grateful for her.”  –Jamie DeLucio, CO

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Please phone me at 602.999.2493 or email to set up your FREE  20-30 minute consultation with me to determine whether you and I are a good fit for coaching.    Thank you, I look forward to working with you! BakeR

Psychic Coaching Fees:

  • 60 Minutes $155.00
  • 90 Minutes $233.00



“I am convinced that my initial meeting with BakeR while on vacation in Sedona was divinely inspired. As I have worked with her over the past few years she has guided me on a journey that has taken me from believing in her God-given gifts to believing in my own. For the first time in my life, I am learning to truly love myself, believe in my abilities, and live a life full of joy. No more can’ts, no more shouldn’ts, and no more excuses!”

-Cindy Theberge, Merrimack, NH

“I warned BakeR when we started coaching, that if she could help me reach my life purpose/career goals that I’ve been working on for many years but couldn’t reach, she could coach anyone! I told her I would most certainly be her toughest case, and I had my doubts that anyone could make a serious dent in my challenges. BakeR took me and my goals on with enthusiasm, and after just a few months she has helped me breathe new life into my stuck issues. I had a big breakthrough the other day that was a direct result of her dogged determination and commitment to my success. BakeR is magical, and I feel beyond blessed to have her delightful spirit inspiring my life and my process.”

–Alexandra Fraser, Boulder, CO

“Working with BakeR has opened up my world in too many ways to count. Meeting her has helped me work on myself and be a better man, partner, family member, and professional.
Her guidance is oftentimes blunt and that is what I love. There is no sidestepping the situation with this wonderful woman – it is laid out in front of you to confront, acknowledge and deal with! ”                          

–Cator Sparks, NY, NY

“I want to say a word or two about my experience utilizing the services of BakeR Gendron as a mentor and life coach. What brought me to this experience was a change in business as well as personal relationships. This was a time of great profound change and I met the situation with ease and grace. What BakeR helped me to see was my own potential and how to walk beyond the obvious into the greater possibility. To question myself in so far as my real desires and goals. Together we made a plan of action and I followed through. Knowing someone is on your side can make all the difference.”

–Sandra Dixon, Founder of Livetalks, A communication experience., Los Angeles, CA

“I have enjoyed coaching with BakeR for nearly seven months now. My family and friends have witnessed me grow and transform the abusive, painful experiences that I suffered into empowering stories of healing and strength. I am conquering the darkness and depression that always seemed to surround me and am creating the life that I love to live, with BakeR at my side. It is an honor to call BakeR my coach and my mentor, as healing with her soothes not only the mind and body but also the spirit.”

–Shiloh Langlois, Santa Fe, NM

“BakeR has a compelling ability to redirect thought and ask pertinent questions encouraging us to find the “real” answers within. The depth of sharing and level of growth was inspiring.”

–Dr. M. E, Phoenix, AZ

“Thank you so much for helping me to jump-start the flow of abundance in my life.”

–Sarah Vedeler, Scottsdale, AZ