Take this mini test to determine if you are coachable:
I sincerely need and want to improve my life.
I realize that everything I want is probably just outside my comfort zone.       ___Yes ___ No
I am not looking for a quick fix.
I understand coaching is an ongoing process for creating changes in my life.  ___Yes ___No
I am open to honest feedback and candid assessments.
I acknowledge my life will remain the same unless I make change a priority.  ___Yes ___No
I am the only one who can make my life better.
I accept responsibility for my actions and do not expect anyone to “fix” me.  ___Yes ___No
I view coaching as a worthwhile investment in me.
I will not allow finances to be a barrier to coaching and my success.                   ___Yes ___No
On a scale of 1-10, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, how committed are you to making positive change?   _____


If you answered Yes to a majority of the questions and if you are at least 8 on the commitment level,  congratulations you are Coachable! I look forward to helping you transform your life.


Let’s Get Going!

Now that you know you are coachable, find out if I’m the coach for you, use this handy contact form, or call Gateway Cottage Wellness Center at 928.862.4400 to schedule your  FREE 22 minute coaching consultation. We will talk about where you are now, where you want to go and how you can do that.  As your coach I will work with you to create powerful goals and a clear action plan to create a rich, vibrant life. You are steps away from having the life you desire now.

My hours are 10am-6pm Arizona time, Tuesday-Saturday.