Why coaching?

Coaches accompany us through many phases of our lives…although sometimes they’re called by a different name…brownie or boy scout troop  leader, minister, rabbi, teacher, mentor, boss, guru, best friend, mom, dad, grandma or grandpa and yes even Coach! I could go on and on.  Most likely they were all coaches in one way or another.

As your coach I will guide you to achieve your best, I will challenge you to grow, to stretch beyond your self-imposed limitations.  I will inspire you to dig deeper by asking thought provoking questions, empower you to take action and hold you accountable!

If you desire to release limitations,  to try new behaviors, to move forward, to finally take action on a long forgotten dream and to create the life you’ve always wanted then you’re ready to work with a Coach!  Do it now, if not now, then when?  

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Is my coaching session confidential?

Absolutely!  I protect and honor your privacy always.  You can feel free to share openly,  with confidence that your trust will not be broken. Our relationship is built on mutual respect and trust.

What are my responsibilities as a coaching client?

Show up on time (whether in person or by phone) or communicate in a timely manner if there is a problem.  Take your coaching seriously, do your homework – including all exercises especially if they challenge you, commit to being truthful with me and yourself,  commit to stretch and grow,  be open minded – remember that if I suggest something that seems tough it’s because I recognize that you are ready to move forward.  This is a co-creative process, essentially we are a team creating a new reality for you.   Take responsibility for communicating with me if something just doesn’t work for you, I’m always delighted to hear your feedback – Trust me I can take it.

Can I call you between sessions?


James Gregory was my grappling coach…he actually got me to go off a mountain backwards…yikes!

Yes, on a limited basis, please respect my time by bringing your questions to the next session. Of course, call me if there is a time issue or emergency.   Feel free to email me anytime.                        

What is your role as a coach?

As your coach it is my job to protect your confidentiality, to respect and honor your progress, encourage you to stretch and grow, inspire you to try new ways of being and doing, maintain integrity at all times, ask pertinent questions, work with you to create measurable goals and an achievable action plan and to CELEBRATE your success!

I am not a therapist, a psychologist, or a medical professional.  It is not my job to provide treatment or diagnosis.  If I feel that you need help beyond my specialization I may suggest that you seek professional counseling or medical help.  Of course, this decision is always your choice, but I will not hamper your growth if it is out of my league.

How do I know if I’m Coachable?

Call me now and schedule your FREE 22-minute consultation, together we will determine if you are ready for coaching. 602.999.2493 

I’m Ready! Let’s Book a Session

I’m so excited you’ve decided to work with me! Please give me a call at 602.999.2493 or email me at