Another afternoon the common theme seemed to be relationships, when would the beloved show up and how.  This turned out to be a very sweet session…Mamacita counseled a couple of the women on issues they needed to address to manifest that perfect partner.   There were powerful openings and one woman has since brought in her partner.

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Testimonial for Group Psychic Readings

“BakeR and Mamacita worked with a  group of 11 answering questions, working, and  helping to find the right words to make people see they are not alone.  This evening allowed one young woman to put aside her worries about her young child for awhile.  This child from what Mamacita said,  is here to be a pillar of strength to others. And this message brought the mom to tears.  Maybe last evening was set up to clarify another’s woman’s fears of movement forward to her new career!  For another woman it was to make clear who her best friend is, and that brought her to tears!  Or it could be that last night was needed to introduce us all to our own guides and Angels.  That was a special part of the evening for me.  I saw many of us nodding our heads about the confirmation they felt when “Mamacita” described their guides to them.  Each knew deep inside that what she was describing was VERY familiar but the confirmation brought it home to the heart.”

–Ginger Savenelli, Scottsdale, AZ