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Thanks for your love and support in 2012! What an amazing year it was…lots of our friends and family left us, there were enormous energy shifts and if you’re reading this you survived.


Hawk Messenger by Ted Grussing

If like me the  beginning of 2013 has been great, then just know that it will continue this year.  Create it now through your thoughts,word and actions.  Choose loving thoughts, positive, affirming words and extraordinary actions.  Remember to include yourself in the mix…who is your best friend?  YOU ARE!  If you are saying words to yourself that you wouldn’t say to a friend, your child, an animal or a grocery store clerk then why would you abuse yourself  in that way? This is the day, the month and the year that you can choose to recreate your experience and it begins with your thoughts.

Just for fun I decided to  share  some FAQ’s –  frequently asked questions about my practice and Mamacita.  Here goes:

Do you (BakeR) remember what Mamacita says in your readings?

 –Sometimes I remember snippets of the reading.  If I remembered all the readings my head would explode — ewww BakeR brains all over the sidewalk…not pretty!

Do you “read” people when you’re just out walking around or when you meet someone?

 No, never, see above, my brain would explode.   And it’s out of integrity, it would be as invasive as me walking into your home uninvited.  Be wary of any psychic who “reads” you uninvited.  That said, I am an empath and can usually tell how you’re feeling or if someone is going to want a reading.  Besides I don’t really want to know what you think of me!  

Isn’t it better not to ask questions when I get a reading?

–Not necessarily!  If you are looking for very general information then don’t ask any questions.  However, if you want guidance on a particular area of your life, then definitely come with questions.  Let’s say your relationship is on the rocks, you might ask “What can I do to work this out?”  Or “Is this relationship over?”    Very often I think I should call Mamacita the  Psychic Coach; she is very good at helping you see what needs to be done in a current situation.   Or you can ask, “am I on the right _____path?”  career, spiritual, life etc. 

Can you always contact spirits on the other side?

About 90% of the time they come through but I can never guarantee that.  It’s always up to the spirit, sometimes they are off doing other things.  It’s usually helpful for you to be thinking of them, keep a picture out for a few days, and even ask them to come through for you.

Are my family members together in spirit world?

Sometimes but it’s different in spirit world for everyone.  And there don’t seem to be those “needs” whether emotional or physical like we have here in the physical plane.  Your Mom and Dad may choose to hang out together or not.  If not there isn’t any pain around that choice.  

How can you tell that a spirit  is stuck (not completely in the light)?

Most of the time I see them or feel that they are not free.  It’s not a horrible place they’re in but it’s not the best place either.  They just need a little help crossing over.  I have helped hundreds of spirits cross over.  It is one of the greatest gifts of my work to see their faces when they go to the light.  In most of the cases I have witnessed so far, the spirit that is stuck died traumatically, confused and sometimes in great fear.  They don’t understand what happened, where they are going and what will happen when they get there.  

My own father was one of the first spirits I helped to cross over, through and with Ann Albers, one of my mentors.   At the time I was a fairly new client of Ann.  Dad had been stuck for years!  He was afraid that God would send him to hell or  punish him for what he had done to me, my brothers and others while here in  the physical realm.    I said, “Dad, if I can forgive you, why do you think God wouldn’t?” He laughed and said, “You always were smarter than me.” Ann and I kept trying to get him to cross over, telling him he was safe but he kept resisting.  Finally I said, “Dad I need you to go.”   To this day I have no idea why I said those words, but it worked, off he went into the beautiful, radiant light.   Ann told me the angels had taken him back to childhood to bask in love and heal.  

**There are psychics in Sedona and probably elsewhere who charge additional money to cross over spirits, that is their choice.  When I do a reading for you and we find someone who has not crossed over, we will either clear it in that session or I go back in later and help them.  It is an honor for me to do this work and this is one way I can give back.

How can you help me clear an issue from a past life?

If you  have an issue in this life time that is holding you back, a challenge that you have worked on in different healing modalities,  or a block to your forward movement, often it is actually a past life issue that you came in with.    When you ask Mamacita about it, we scan your body to see where you’re holding it, then look back at past lives to determine when, where and what happened.  If it’s from a past life, it’s a cellular memory, which is why it won’t usually be in your conscious awareness.  After Mamacita determines where it came from she will help you clear it or coach you in how to clear it yourself.  Often she wants you to clear the issue because it can be a powerful step in your own growth,  learning how to use your  gifts and take responsibility for your healing.   

Why don’t you take people to the popular vortex sites on your sacred land tours?

Actually I will take you to a few of the vortex sites if that’s what you really want.   I prefer to take you to my own little “private vortex site”  for a few reasons.   Most of you that I work with are way beyond what the typical tourist is looking for.  The vortex sites on the maps are overrun with tourists looking for a quick woowoo experience. (nothing wrong with this, just not my preference)  I take you to a quiet, secluded vortex (about a 20 min. hike in) where we do deep work with guided meditation and a reading on the land, finishing higher up the mountain creating and setting intentions.   It’s a powerful couple of hours.  

Please feel free to ask more questions below in the comment section….I will do my best to answer them whether you want to work with me or another psychic/intuitive.

Just for today,  live every minute to the fullest!  love and blessings, BakeR 

If you are ready to take your own healing gifts to the next level, join us at the upcoming Dance in the Light – Women’s Retreat, May 31-June 1st in Sedona.   Detailed information: http://thepsychiccoach.net/services/retreats-workshops/dance-in-the-light/

Upcoming group readings:  10:00 am on the following Saturdays,  April 27, May 25, June 22, July 20 and August 17, 2013 at Peace Place, 355 Jordan Road, Sedona.

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