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Way of the Seahbean Retreat- first in the World Healers Series

with Shamanic Healer Amantha Murphy

October 21-23

Sedona, AZ

The Seabhean is SHE who crosses the path between the worlds. She holds the presence and inner-seeing of the Shaman and the wisdom of the Cailleach (old Woman). The way of the Celtic Shaman is ancient and rooted deeply in Shamanic tradition, which goes back over many thousands of years.  Each clan or grouping of people held in reverence the Shamanic Way.

The Way of the Seabhean allows a person to walk between the worlds, recognizing the interconnectedness between all living forces both seen and unseen. This Way allows a person to Journey into these worlds for healing, for answers, for visions, which brings a sense of continuity, wholeness and integration for self and for the clan.

The Cailleach holds sacred the Mysteries/Rites of Passage for women and for the clan. She reminds us of who we are and the sacredness of passing on our tradition. Re-weaving, Re-membering, Re-trieving allows us to Re-claim our Passion and our Power.

Explanation of the ‘Seabhean’:

  • The three worlds, Lower, Middle and Upper.
  • Journeying with your allies and ancestral teachers.
  • Connecting with our Ancient Goddesses upon the ancient Wheel of the Sun.
  • Using Drumming, rattle, dance, chants and sound.
  • The beat of our hearts is the pulse of our Mother Earth
  • Calling us to be ourselves. To walk in our Beauty…

photoAmantha Murphy is a Shamanic Healer and teacher who follows the path of the Goddess. She started her work professionally in 1971 as a clairvoyant and moved into trance mediumship and healing within three years.  Since then she has worked with, and continues to work with, groups and individuals in her homeland of Erie in the United Kingdom, as well as Canada and the USA. Her passion is the Land and returning to the Land’s story – working through the Grandmothers and the ” Shining Ones’, the Tuatha de Danann.

Click here to listen to a reading done by Amantha in 2011, even more pertinent today it seems.

Ireland is historically a very spiritual country with many cherished holy and powerful sites. The sacred rites of the ancients are passed down from one generation to the next. Amantha Murphy is one of those special individuals who were born with unique gifts of seeing. Her grandmother recognized her gift as a child and she became the next generation to receive the healing and spiritual renewing rites. She has a phenomenal way of connecting people to their ancestors even if you don’t know them. This connection has you appreciate all those who came before you and what you have received from their life and learning. She brings healing to all wounding we bring and create in our life. Her gift of seeing helps deliver clarity and direction for individuals who work with her. It helps dissolve old patterns that no longer serve and brings understanding to why they were adopted in the first place. You are left with compassion and love for yourself and all those who participated in hurting you. The freedom that comes to those who have spent time with her is truly a blessing.

I first met Amantha in Ireland with a small group of friends to embark on a sacred journey with her. The healing for each one of us was so overwhelming that I invited her to Phoenix to do workshops for people who couldn’t make the journey to Ireland. Several years later she is still coming because of the interest of others who hear about their friends and families healing journey with Amantha. One of the unexpected gifts Amantha brings to the workshops is her magic as a storyteller. Her stories have a way of opening up a safe place for everyone to enter into the healing space. Her sense of humor is a delight to our human condition as it unfolds in the workshop. I can recommend her delightful, healing, freeing and refreshing workshops along with all of those who have had the pleasure. ENJOY!”      

–Kathleen S. Hosner, Ph.D., Phoenix, AZ

Dates: October 21- 23, 2016
Fee: $788, food & lodging are additional
Note: for Women only
Register at: 928-862-4400 or click here to pay 50% Deposit and Register or here to pay in Full.
Where:  Briar Patch Inn , 3190 N. State Route 89A, about three miles north of Sedona. While Gateway Cottage Wellness Center is sponsoring the retreat, it will be held at the Ponderosa Cabin at Briar Patch Inn.   Briar Patch Inn is about three miles north of Sedona in Oak Creek Canyon. No pets are allowed at Briar Patch.

Ponderosa Cabin at Briar Patch Inn

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There are limited rooms available in the Ponderosa, all others are responsible for their own lodging.

Costs for rooms in the Ponderosa are as follows: (Per night for three nights):

Single in Queen room = $130.00 per night (two available)

Double in Queen room = $77.00 per person per night.

Twin in shared room w/two twins = $90.00 per night  (small room)

Twin in shared room w/King & Twin = $100.00 per night (large room)

King Bed in shared room w/King & Twin = $125.00 per night (large room)

Double in King Bed in shared room = $77.00 per person per night

If you choose to stay at Briar Patch Inn a full breakfast is included Saturday, Sunday and Monday;  lunch and dinner are on your own.  If you are staying elsewhere you are responsible for all your own meals.  You may bring food to cook, there is a full kitchen stove, microwave, refrigerator, etc.

Rooms in the Ponderosa will be first come/first serve for those who have paid in full for the retreat and room.  See the full description of the Ponderosa on the Briar Patch website – one King w/Twin, Two Queens, and one w/2 Twins.  We can sleep up to eight women (if you are comfortable sharing a bed)  very comfortably as the cabin/house is huge.  There are two shared bathrooms, one split with shower/sink on one side and toilet/sink on the other and another large bath ensuite with the master bedroom.
If you would like to reserve a room in the Ponderosa, please call Mary-Kate or BakeR at Gateway Cottage Wellness, 928.862.4400, to check availability and make arrangements for room payment and retreat payment.
Everyone else will need to book separately with the Briar Patch Inn 1-888-809-3030 or choose different lodging,  Other hotels/lodging here 

What a journey! It was so life-changing.  I send you all my love, until we meet again.  –Maureen

Every pilgrimage needs an Amantha. –Lynn, Psychotherapist, CA


…all these experiences to encounter our destiny – to remember our Selves, to live life more creatively…  –Sandra, San Francisco, CA


Dear Amantha, or should I say Beloved Goddess…it has been a great honor to be part of this journey and to be in your presence.  This has felt like a homecoming for my soul. Thank you for being willing to share your light into the spaces where I only felt darkness.  This truly was an amazing space and place to be part of.  I look forward to what will unfold in the days and months to come.  My heart is full and I’m filled with gratitude.  –Colleen

Dear Amantha, Thank you for your Crone wisdom and your mother love. Sacred journeys Sacred time. –Alison

Dearest Amantha, We arrived as strangers and you, through your magic, made us into One – you truly are a Goddess. From the deepest part of my heart I thank you so much. –Debbie

Dearest sweet Amantha, From the depths of my heart, thank you for the adventure, soul healing and sisterhood.  One hundred thousand blessings to you and all your relations.  –Laurie

I realized on my return that the pilgrimage had answered questions I didn’t even know I had asked…  –Jessica, London, England

If this retreat is calling you, we welcome you with loving and protective arms!  If you have any questions please give BakeR a call at 928.862.4400.

Many blessings to you and yours,