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I get this question a lot from folks who feel like they had strong guidance and it disappeared.  I assure you your guides, angels, fairies, spirit guides and/or animal helpers are still there.  I’m willing to bet that you are the one who disappeared.

  • Do you still make time to sit in quiet?
  • Do you regularly check in with your guides?
  • Do you ask them to come along when you’re having fun, not just calling on them when you’re in trouble?
  • Do you make time for your guides like you would a good friend?
  • Do you practice working with your guides, just like you would practice a sport?

Here are some tips for connecting with your guides:

Practice, practice, practice.  Connect, connect, connect.  Yes, practice your connection. Create time to spend with your guides.  Like a relationship with a good friend (which they are) you must nurture that relationship.  The more you connect with them, the more you will learn from them and the easier it will be to connect. If you can carve out time for a Starbucks coffee, or to watch the latest series on Netflix you can make time to work with your guides. Find ten minutes (longer if possible) a day to sit in quiet and invite them in.

Create a sacred space – a small altar with a candle, crystals, rocks, feathers, icons, any items that help you create the mood to sit quietly and connect.  It might just be a special chair in the corner by a sunny window or where the moon kisses you in the evening.  This is where you sit when your intention is to connect with spirits, guides, animal totems, fairies or angels.  It is your own private vortex, where the energy feels right.

Your guides are friends; treat them as such.  Call on them in good times and bad.  Send gratitude for the light they bring to your life, ask them to intervene, to play the muse, to walk with you, to laugh with you, to create with you.  Don’t always expect big, flashy fireworks, loud voices or a knock on the head.  Their presence is usually more like a chill up your spine, hair raising goose bumps on your arms, a quiet whispering, “why don’t you try that path”, or a friend calling at exactly the moment you thought of them.

Check your ego at the door, open and listen.  Your ego is usually coming from fear, it will create doubt when you hear, sense or see something that seems “off” or “strange”.   You might get a very clear message and your ego decides it couldn’t possibly be right so it shuts you down.  I have had to tell people some of the strangest things over the years.  It’s none of my business what message comes through,  it’s only my business to be a clear channel.

If you truly want to work with your guides, remember it’s a relationship.  You must nurture the relationship!  Show up, spend time together, honor the sacredness,  and listen.

Many blessings, BakeR

When I want answers I will often ask to see or hear Ravens.  They always show up for me and give me very clear answers.

Who do you work with?

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